ENSTTI offers short applied training courses and tutoring sessions for junior professionals or new comers and for those with professional experience in the nuclear sector.

ENSTTI: born to share knowledge and experience

Embarking on a nuclear power generation program? Enhancing the protection of nuclear materials and facilities against malicious acts? Developing new industrial or medical applications for ionizing radiation? Finding the right answers to the countless questions associated with such developments requires up-to-date scientific, technical and regulatory knowledge, as well as field-proven experience in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection. Passing on senior professionals’ knowledge and experience to new experts is the primary purpose of the vocational training and tutoring offered by the European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute (ENSTTI).

Real-life capacity-building tailored to your needs

Founded by technical safety organizations (TSOs) belonging to ETSON, the European Technical Safety Organizations Network, ENSTTI brings together over two thousand senior experts with operational responsibilities in a wide array of activities, from assessing nuclear power plant safety to analyzing the effects of interventional radiology on health. ENSTTI reviews the needs expressed by technical safety organizations, nuclear regulatory authorities, utilities, industrial operators, and laboratories, as well as the many agencies and organizations dealing with nuclear and radioactive materials with a view to tailoring training and tutoring courses accordingly and bringing in top-notch experts to share the skills they have honed. This is ENSTTI’s pragmatic approach to helping its clients manage staff changes while building up and strengthening their teams.

Networking is the DNA of ENSTTI

Year after year, ENSTTI’s training and tutoring offering goes on expanding to cover the diversity of your needs in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection. But joining ENSTTI means much more than just taking advantage of world-class knowledge and experience. It means being part of a worldwide network of experts on the frontline of operational responsibility who are eager to share their questions, observations and experience. This peer-to-peer relationship is an unrivalled opportunity to compare technical approaches, draw inspiration from the experience of your peers, benefit from best practices… in a word: to gain recognition as a highly qualified and acknowledged professional.

A European institute with a global reach

Earning recognition and backing from the European Commission and international organizations, starting with the IAEA, ENSTTI is increasingly commissioned to provide training and tutoring outside the European Union under initiatives such as the EC’s Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation. ENSTTI successfully adapts its approaches and organization to meet the specific needs of “embarking” countries, for example in Asia. In this spirit, the Institute seeks to foster closer ties with all other regional associations.

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June 27 - July 01, 2016 - 1 week - Singapore, Singapore
August 01 - 05, 2016 - 1 week - Singapore, Singapore
August 29 - September 16, 2016 - 3 weeks - Paris, France
September 19 - 23, 2016 - 1 week - Madrid, Spain
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